Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First We Ink, Then We Drink

Some of you might remember from my plan or non-plan post, one of my plans was to get a sisters tattoo with my sisters, Jennifer & Denise.

We did it!!!

I was the one that came up with the idea of getting matching tattoos way back in July. My sisters had gotten matching tattoos together when I was way too young to get tattooed and I always thought that was so cool, and wanted to do something like that with them.  My sister, Jen was the one that found the celtic sisters knot design that we all thought was perfect!

My sister's had me go first, mainly because it was my idea to get matching tattoos in the first place, and secondly because I was super nervous (even after getting my massive back tattoo, strangely enough), but they were still nice enough to hold my hand and distract me while I was getting it done.

Then it was my sister, Denise's turn! 

And saving the best for last, my sister Jen added a star with the celtic knot symbol to her sleeve. 

I'm so blessed/happy/excited that my sisters agreed to have this experience with me. I can't help but smile every time I look at my leg, knowing what my tattoo means and that it's something I now share with my sisters.

Thanks to Josh at Hot Rod Betties in Salem, Oregon for your beautiful work!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Labor Of Love

I know that I posted the other day about how our wedding was the biggest DIY project I've ever taken on, but there was definitely more to it then that. 

If anyone knows anything about me, it's that I have a strong and deep love for my family. That's why I felt like our wedding day was a giant labor of love from our entire family. 

My cousin's helped me find my dress at their bridal consignment boutique, my niece and sister did my hair and make up, a co-worker and her brother did our catering, the women in Matthew's family brought a variety of desserts for our dessert table, our good friend Tim performed our ceremony, Matthew's cousin Jason was his best man and my niece, Kirra was our flower girl.

Without both of our families, our wedding would not be possible. 

And what a beautiful wedding it was! 

my favorite picture with my flower girl, Kirra

Matthew with his best man, Jason

Matthew escorting his parents down the aisle

first kiss as husband and wife!
 After our ceremony, Matthew & I and our amazing photographer, Heidi,  were driven down to the bridge not far from my Aunt's house where we had our ceremony, before coming back to enjoy the reception. 

signing our marriage certificate

showing Luna a little bit of love

my Maid of Honor, Brandy Jeanne and me

our wedding party

"To family."

planning our last great adventure, our honeymoon to Yosemite

Matthew with his father, Bruce
Jason and Chris playing music

We played nice, no cake smearing for us

Jason's best man toast

Tossing my bouquet

first dance

Our day was absolutely perfect! So full of love, family and friends. Now that Matthew is gone, these are the memories, along with the pictures, that will last me the rest of my life. Which is something that always makes me smile.

 I hope they make you smile, too!

Photography from Heidi Hoffman Photography. If anyone is looking for a wedding photographer, Heidi is AWESOME!!! Half the time I barely realized she was there and she got the most amazing shots!

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