Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is...

Still here? 

I honestly haven't forgotten about this blog, but life has a funny, funny way of getting in the way of all the plans that you make and tearing them to pieces. Because of medical issues that my wonderful boyfriend is currently going through I haven't had much time for crafting, although I have been doing an awful lot of knitting, but mainly because it's something to do while you're sitting in waiting rooms. 

But in the last couple of days I've been able to get some projects done and I'd been procrastinating on before life decided to get in the way, and I thought I'd share them. 

The first is a gift that I made for my boyfriend, which wasn't originally supposed to be for Valentine's Day, since he's not a huge fan of the holiday. 

I just took a picture frame from the dollar store, painted it red, and drew the Love is... on the scrapbook paper before going over it with a permanent marker. I also got dry erase markers from the dollar store and gave them all to him to use to write or draw whatever he (or I) want. 

I'm a huge fan of the love is... cartoons and am constantly using love is... and coming up with something funny that reminds me of my boyfriend.  

The second Valentine's idea is something that I totally copied from Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM... her see-through Valentine's. 

Aren't they adorable? 

Now here's my version

I loved the idea and had all the supplies already in my kitchen (I love when that happens!) 

I traced hearts onto wax paper, cut them out, hand-stitched them together with embroidery floss and filled them with conversation hearts. Such a simple and easy Valentine's goodie that I can't wait to give to my awesome co-workers. Because honestly, who doesn't love candy. 

I hope to have something else to post on here soon, although we're getting ready to move and I think everybody knows how crazy that can be. 

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day 

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