Monday, August 22, 2011

If The Mailman Breaks These, I'll Break Him!!!

I know I've mentioned before how sometimes I feel like my life is an interesting arrangements of coincidences.

It's not completely uncommon to see a post that someone has made, maybe to a link party or a blog I follow, and I bookmark it. Not really sure why or who I would make if for, but it's a pretty cool idea and I'd love to be able to use it sometime.  Then, because of a conversation or even e-mail I realize who I can make something for, using an idea that I saw. 

Awhile back saw this post from Confessions of a Plate Addict. She made the coolest thing using chalkboard paint (and you all should know by now how much I LOVE chalkboard paint!) and of course I wanted to totally steal copy her idea! Although she used spray chalkboard paint and I used brush on, because that's what I had on hand.

So I made chalkboard painted wine glasses!!!

Aren't they awesome? 

Of course, I don't really drink wine (I'm a Pendleton and Pepsi type of girl) so I would never have a need for such awesome wine glasses, as totally great a project as they are. 

But my friend Jess drinks wine and had a birthday coming up. 

Interesting coincidence? Maybe...

So I lovingly wrapped the chalkboard wine glasses in bubble wrap (a LOT of bubble wrap) and sent them on the journey from Oregon all the way across the country to Key West, Florida, hoping that they make the journey in one piece. 


  1. Very thoughtful gift! You are a good friend!

  2. I love this idea! I am so going to steal {um} be inspired by this!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  3. Love this idea! I have some wine glasses from IKEA, I'm going to have to try this!


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