Monday, May 7, 2012

Clothespins... Not Just For Laundry Anymore

 Remember my pile of paper scraps that I showed you that I used to make my scrap paper bows

Well, after that project, my scrap paper pile looks a little bit more like this... 

crap, it's still there...

Since I wanted to eliminate a little more of my scrap pile, I decided to decoupage some clothespins and make it a stash busting 2 for 1! 

Pretty cute, right? 

While I was at it, I glittered a few extra clothespins I had hanging around. 

Why, you might ask? (Amazing Boyfriend Fiance did.) 

For lots of reasons. You can use clothespins as clips to close food bags. You can add magnets to the back and use them on the refrigerator for notes or coupons. They also make the perfect addition to a gift as a card holder. 

So maybe the real question is, why not? 

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