Monday, March 18, 2013

Say Hello To My Little Friend!!!

For my birthday, my clever friend Christie gave me a gift basket with a few of my favorite things. One of the most clever of which was to give me a flower and this little guy. 

(A Fish Who Likes Flowers, get it?) 

Unfortunately, because he's a beta fish, I can't put him in my fish tank with the rest of my fish, so I had to make him his own little home. I reused the glass vase that I used as a candle holder for our wedding, and added a few decorative glass stones from the dollar store. 

Now comes the tricky part... what should I name him? 

Any suggestions are welcome! 

UPDATE 3/21/13: After many helpful and fun suggestions from family and friends, I decided to name this little guy Allons-y! Other noteable favorite suggestions were Poseidon, Fish Stick and Red. 

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  1. Selwyn Flyshack. I think I read it in a book a long time ago, and every time someone says 'What should I name my fish?' I offer that up. It sounds like a very "fishy" name to me :)


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