Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This One's For The "Girls"

Awhile back I was checking out Pinterest (love Pinterest!) and I ran across this cool idea for a hanging bra storage.

I love this idea because I HATE trying to shove bras into my underwear drawer and technically, it's not good for the wear on them anyway. 

I knew it was fate when I went on a shopping trip to Ikea with my friends, Brandy and Naomi and ran across packs of 8 wooden hangers for $3.99! They weren't notched like the ones that were used in the tutorial, but I knew I could make it work. 

These hangers did have a cross bar to hang pants on, but I pulled them off and took out the nails with pliers. I did that before I decided to share this idea. The cup hooks are 7/8 inch. 

I started by screwing the cup hooks into the bottom of the hangers, all except one hanger, which would be the bottom hanger on the rack. 

 The tutorial I followed suggested pinching the hooks closed to be more like eyelet hooks, but I decided that I was just going to leave the hooks alone. Once all your hooks are screwed in, it's time to hook them all together.

To keep the bras from slipping off the wooden hangers, I used a neat little trick I saw on Pinterest and put hot glue across the ends of the hangers. 

Once the hot glue dried, I linked all the hangers together and hung my bras up! 

 Such an simple idea that I absolutely LOVE!!! 



  1. Oh wow, this is crazy... I had an idea for something JUST LIKE THIS! We must be crafting twins! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm following!

  2. I LOOOOVE it! (And you definitely had me with the title of the post.... I LOOOOOOVE that song more than I should at this point in my life. As I continue to live on Spaghetti-Os.)

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist


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