Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Moss Growing Here...

... because I used glue, silly! 

I'm so glad that Spring has finally arrived. 

Although, here in the Pacific Northwest, it won't really start to feel like spring for a couple more weeks. (Like, until May.) But until the arrival of actual spring weather, I'd like to offer spring a warm welcome.

I made my very first wreath! 

After seeing  moss wreaths here, here and here, I added making a moss wreath to my To-Do List. (And yes, I am very happy to finally cross something off that list.)

I used a wreath form that I had from a trip to Goodwill awhile back, moss from JoAnn's, ribbon and twine from the dollar store and butterflies that I found at Michael's. I also used my awesome new glue gun, which my niece named Debra (because it rhymes with Zebra.) 

Just a few more pics because I'm so happy with my first wreath attempt. 

Now, if the weather around here would start cooperating I'd be really happy...

Wait, what's that noise outside? Hail? 

Yup, definitely spring!!

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  1. Beautiful. Very inviting. Great job =)

  2. ohhhh i love the butterflies!! My linky thing got messed up and I had to redo it, I'd love if you would link up again!! Sorry about that :(


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