Friday, April 15, 2011

A Sweet Thank You

I've had the supplies and idea to make this project for awhile, but you know, life and moving and such. Anyway, I've been trying to dig into my crafting supplies that I have and trying to make things with what I've already got. 

At the beginning of April my awesome cousin, Nikki organized and held a garage sale fundraiser at her house to give the money to me and Amazing Boyfriend. She raised over $1200! We're still not sure what we're going to do with the money, although a trip has been suggested, but until we figure out what we're using the money for it's safely tucked into a savings account (so if you know where I live, don't get any funny ideas!)

Anyway, it was a huge labor of love and I'm so grateful that my cousin is as awesome as she is, so I wanted to do something to thank her. So I decided to make her...

A Sweet Candy Dish!!! 

Wanna see how I did it? 

small terra cotta pot and dish
glass bowl 
wooden knob

I started off this project by painting the pot, the dish and the wooden knob. 

After all the pieces are completely dry, I glued the wooden knob to the bottom of the dish to make the lid for the candy dish. Then I glued the glass bowl to the bottom of the pot to make the base for the candy dish.

Now I have my candy dish together. Cute idea, huh? 

But it still needs something...

I took some decorative vinyl and cut out the word "Sweet!" with my silhouette machine. Then applied it to the glass bowl. 

Add a cute little bow, a few little candies and voila! 

A sweet little thank you for my awesome cousin. I really wish that I could do more, but I know she'll appreciate the gesture.

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  1. great project! very creative. Came over from Homemaker on a dime. Following you!

  2. This is so great!!! I love it!!! Awesome!

  3. How creative. Great "happy" to make for someone.

  4. This is super cute! I'm your newest follower!

  5. What a sweet project! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  6. Oh, I love this! It is so perfect, and has inspired a brainwave for a project...Love it!

  7. cute cute cute! I have my pot and saucer painted already, just need to finish assembling and decorating! I just think this is the cutest idea! My boyfriend even commented on how cheap it was- that's a good sign! :)

  8. Silhouette LOVE :) Turned out super adorable!!! Love it. Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!!

  9. I can't wait to make one for myself and many for gifts!!

  10. This turned out so cute! Who doesn't love a fun candy jar - I love the colors you picked as well!

  11. I love this neat. Thanks for sharing.


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