Monday, April 4, 2011

Who Knew Love Could Be Found In A Can?

And I'm NOT talking about beer! 

I'm talking about spray paint. 
That wonderful thing that comes in a can in a variety of colors and textures and can even be used on plastic! Just like the very ugly plastic frame of the very cool mirror that my Mommy gave me. 

My Mom has had this mirror FOREVER!!! I can remember it being in my parents bedroom when I was really little. I was never really a fan of the brass look, but I knew that my Mom had it for a really long time. What I didn't know about this mirror, until she decided to give it to me, is that the frame is freakin' PLASTIC!!! 

 Somehow that knowledge made me feel a little less guilty about my grand plans to spray paint the crap out of it. 



Much better, don't you think? 
Now I just have to hope that my Mommy doesn't decide that she loves the after results of spray paint as well and decide she wants her beloved mirror back. 

I'm linking this project up to the following parties: 

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