Friday, June 17, 2011



Most people I know what to kill their family most of the time, and don't get me wrong, I have my moments where I picture doing awful things to members of my family (mostly my brothers), but I truly love my family. 
Today would have been my Granny's 100th birthday. Sadly, she passed away in December 2008 at the ripe age of 97 years, six months and 1 day old. But even though she's gone, the legacy that she has left behind is so strong that I feel like she will always be with us. I hear other members of my family saying things that she ALWAYS said, such as "heavenly day" or "whatchamacalit" or "sugar". Every time I hear it, it makes me smile. 

My Granny was the strongest person that I've ever known. She survived two husbands, four sons, one gentlemen friend and most of her many siblings. She made family a priority, and taught me that family should come first. She taught her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren by her example. She worked hard, enjoyed her family and friends and loved to cook. 

When Amazing Boyfriend was first diagnosed with cancer, my brother David gave me one of my favorite compliments that I've ever received. He came with my Mom to help me pack up our house, and on their way home, he told my Mom (because I was never meant to hear this) that he didn't know how I was holding it all together. He said that I had "Granny strength",  which to anyone who didn't know my family might not sound like a compliment, but to me it was nice to hear. I loved my Granny with all my heart, and to be compared to her is such a nice compliment.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm one of 6 children. Yup, I did say 6. I don't think I appreciated it so much when I was growing up, but I truly love coming from such a large family. My siblings are some of my best friends and it's nice knowing that no matter what, they will always have my back. Just like I will always have theirs. It was how I was raised, and I'm truly blessed to have that in my life. 

I wish I had a picture with all my siblings, but here's one of me with my brothers

My parents are my rock. They have been happily married for over 30 years and have been through so much together. They have always been there when I've needed it, whether it's calling my Mom to ask a question because of her awesome nursing skills or needing my Dad to work on my car. They have been there when I've needed them and stepped back when I've needed space. I can only hope that if I ever am lucky enough to be a parent that I can be as awesome as the example that I had growing up. 

I've had a lot of things change in the past year. Life got really hard after Amazing Boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer. I feel so blessed that I have such an awesome family that surrounded both of us and wanted to help as much as possible. Being able to take comfort in your family is one of life's true blessings and one I'm lucky enough to have. 


  1. <3 This was a nice read. I'm glad you have such a wonderful family to share with, lean on, and just enjoy life together. I know exactly what that's like, and I wish it for everyone!

  2. Nice I miss my mom and dad :)

    I am your new follower and would love for you to follow my blog.


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