Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Yes, Mason Jar, You Are Perfect...

On a trip to Goodwill to get mason jars for projects for my niece and for myself, this little guy found his way into my basket. 

 this jar is perfect... it even says so

It wasn't until I got home that I realized that it had designs all the way around it so I couldn't use it for the project for my niece. And it's not a wide mouth jar, so I couldn't use it for my project. 

So I had to come up with a completely different use for this "perfect" jar.  


I turned him into a soap dispenser! 

Amazing Boyfriend helped me drill the hole in the lid and cut the soap bottle so that I could glue it to the bottom of the mason jar lid. After much debate, and one failed attempt, ABF we decided that JB Weld was the best glue for this project. 

I'm so excited about this project. I'm sure that several people that I know are going to be asking me to make one for them. This one, however, is going to go live at my brother Jonathan's house. I know it will be perfectly appreciated there.  


  1. AHHHHH!!!!!!! I love it :) So freakin cute!

  2. I love that, even though it didn't work for its original purpose, you still put it to good use! :) .. I was going to ask you why it wasn't all "pretty & frilly" (well, your version which is more pretty, less frilly..) - then saw it was for your brother. Understood.

    I hope your week is going wonderful! :)


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