Saturday, June 18, 2011


Since my Mom is an oncology nurse, through her work she is involved in a lot of different fund-raising events for cancer charities, such as the Relay for Life and Race for a Cure. 

She is also an avid knitter, and several years ago decided to start a knitting cancer support group. Last year during the Relay for Life event, her work held it's first ever knit-a-thon during the event. Unfortunately, because of life events, she wasn't able to be as actively involved in it as she would have liked.

This year, however, she's planned a little more carefully, and asked me if I wanted to join in the fun. My answer was: of course!! 

Unlike years past, when I've participated in these events, this time it's a little more personal after Amazing Boyfriend's cancer diagnoses. But I wasn't about to not participate because I would be a little more emotional about doing it then before.

Our Handmade Items Sale!!!

Getting untangled...

Rebellious Midnight Knitters!
I made the signs for the booth as well as the sign for the table. We sold handmade items such as quilts, pillowcases, knit hats, scarves and blankets. I also donated a hat to the cause. 

I also signed up for the 10 PM - 2 AM slot at the booth. Which was kind of fun because not only did I get to learn how to knit cables (insert happy dance here) but I got to be there for some of the evening activities. The Native American Blessing and Dance, which was really neat. (Sorry, for the grainy photos, I couldn't get any good pics)

And the 1 am,  Miss Relay contest! OMG, I wish I had gotten pictures but my camera batteries died! Various team booths dress guys up in drag and they have to use their "womanly" wiles on participants to collect as much cash in their purses as they can in a certain amount of time. So they go around begging, dancing, taking pictures with and being ridiculous to raise cash for the cause. They were so hilarious. I'm super bummed that I didn't get any pictures of them. 

 And the luminaries. I always love the luminaries that people light up, not only in memory of loved ones that have lost the battle with cancer, but the ones that are beacons of hope to those that are fighting the battle. They are beautiful, and sad at the same time. Again, no pictures because my camera batteries died. 

I'm so glad that I got to participate! I like it when I get to be involved in good causes, especially against something as meaningful as the fight against cancer. Sadly these days it touches almost everyone's life in some way. But hopefully, some day, we can find a cure.   


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  1. Oh man, this makes me think of a Gilmore Girls episode... one of my fav shows ;)
    So great that you guys do this!!
    I came over from where you commented on my blog,, I'm your newest follower and appreciate the follow back!


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