Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Eye" Love Making Wreaths!!!

I had a crafty date recently with one of my besties, Brandy Jeanne and I happened to mention my skull & feather wreath that I made for Tiffany, to which Brandy responded, "Why haven't you made me a  wreath?" 

Since Brandy loves Halloween as much as I do, and because I'd feel like a crummy friend if I didn't, I made Brandy a wreath. 

"Eye" love it, don't you? 

Sorry I didn't take pictures of the process. I always have such a hard time taking pictures of making a wreath because I kinda make things up as I go along.  But here's the basic explanation of how I made this wreath. I took an 18 inch wicker wreath form, and wrapped it with strips of black fabric, hot gluing as I went along to make sure the fabric stayed. I had two rolls of black tulle, which you can find at the craft store with all the wedding supplies. I cut pieces that were about 13 inches long. I used all of both rolls. I just tied my pieces around the wreath form, trying to make sure that the ends are even. I hot glued a ribbon to make a wreath hanger and tied a bow on the end. When my wreath form was covered, I hot glued my eyes around the wreath form. I had a wood piece that I bought from Micheal's, that I painted with chalkboard paint. I drilled holes into both ends and strung a ribbon through the holes and tied it to the inside of the wreath form and hot glued it to make sure it stayed.

This wreath turned out to be the biggest wreath I've ever made. 

When I asked Amazing Boyfriend for his opinion, he pretty much stated the obvious. "That thing is huge." But I was trying to rock the supplies I had on hand, which meant an 18" wreath form. If I ever make another one (and I probably will because I love how this one turned out), I will definitely use a smaller wreath form. 

I'm just glad that nothing can seem too overdone at Brandy's house. Plus I got a loaf of chocolate zucchini bread upon deliver. 

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  1. So super cute, "eye" love it too!

  2. And if I lived closer, I would ask the same question. :) This is adorable! You are one talented gal!


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