Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Clean Halloween Fun!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love mason jars?

Well, my family and friends know how much I love mason jars, at least that's what I am assuming since they give them to me for crafting purposes. They save other glass jars for me as well, which is awesome because: a) there are TONS of uses for glass jars and b) they are free and everybody should know how much I love FREE!

So while I was baby-sitting, my nieces used the last of the jelly to make their school lunches, I quickly cleaned out the jar and took it home. (They know their Aunt Bethany is a little weird, but they love me anyway.) 

Amazing Boyfriend eyed my jelly jar with the deepest suspicion when I brought it home and wanted to know why I was bringing yet another glass jar home. So I had to let ABF in on my idea, especially since he won't let me use his precious drill that I would need for this project. Sadly, I found out that he didn't have a drill bit big enough for what I was planning on doing. 

But my Dad did! 

So I painted my jar with glass paint and baked it, so that it was permanent. I painted the lid as well. Then I took everything over to my Dad's house, and when we were finished, this is what it looked like. 

Doesn't that face make you giggle?

But wait, this little guy has another side to him... literally. 

Yeah, he's a little two faced, but I love him anyway. 

Just a little silly, Halloween fun to add to our bathroom... which is kinda scary because I share it with 3 guys...Eek!

Have you checked out my Monster Mash Bash Halloween Link Party yet? 

Click on the button to join in the fun!

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  1. Cute, Bethany! And I can relate to the family reactions. We're not hoarders... really! Lovin' your Monster Mash Bash, by the way!

  2. This is so fun! I love this idea. You've got to tell me about the baking part--I would love to know the details on that. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Very cute!
    Both of my girls are out of that trick or treat age, but they still love that I decorate their bathroom. I will have to make one of these for them.

  4. That is such a fun idea! Is the glass paint pretty easy and quick to use? I love pumpkins and this is perfect for October. I have a party going on over at my blog that is dedicated to using your craft stash items. The link is open for most of October and I would love to have you join! Here is the link if you are interested:

  5. This is cute!!! Thanks for linking up to Delicately Constructed Friday! I am a new follower!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I adore this idea. I am always looking for ways to reuse items!

  7. Wow, i never would have guessed that it's a mason jar, such a creative idea!! It looks super cute!

  8. Too funny! I love it!
    Thanks for linking up!


  9. I now deem you the mason jar queen!!
    I love it girl!

  10. Super cute! Thanks for linking up at Etcetorize~


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