Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do You Smell Something Burning?

Quite awhile ago, when Amazing Boyfriend Fiance was first diagnosed with cancer, he also came to the conclusion that he wasn't able to work anymore. To occupy his time he tried to find hobbies to work on. He bought model cars (most of which are still in boxes), he bought an aquarium and everything to keep fish, he bought us an array of indoor plants that grace our windowsill, and he bought a woodburning tool. 

The poor woodburning tool hasn't been used once since he bought it. 

But after seeing a few crafts using wood burning, that I wanted to give it a try. It's not like ABF was using it.  

So I decided to plug it in, put on some safety glasses (hey, safety first!) and burned some letters into a piece of practice wood. After trying out the different tips, I was ready to give a few projects a shot.  

I do have to give ABF some credit on this project. He burned the edges of the signs with a blow torch for me. 

 The actual wood burning was all me. I drew the letters lightly on the wood pieces before tracing them with the wood burner, using the fine tip.Than I used a wider tip to enhance the letters and make them stand out more. 

When I was done with the wood burning, I drilled a few holes into the wooden heart pieces and strung some twine through them. 

They'll make perfect chair signs for our wedding in September! 

96 days and counting!!!


  1. These are adorable! Definitely changed my mind about the mr. & mrs signs... :p (i may typically think theyre cheesy...) But these.. These I like.. A lot!

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