Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Wonder If There Is A Group I Can Join?

My name is Bethany and I'm addicted to making paper boxes. 

(Hello, Bethany!) 

Honestly, it all started out innocently enough. I received a free box shape from the Silhouette website last year and thought it would make an adorable favor for a baby shower I was throwing. So I bought some cardstock, cut out the boxes and assembled them. Added a cute sticker and some ribbon and they were ADORABLE!!!

I later realized that there were a huge variety of boxes on the Silhouette website and bought several to try out. (No, seriously, there are TONS!) 

  I cut these boxes out of file folders and covered them in washi tape to make these gift boxes. 

 All these little favor boxes I made simply because I was curious to see what the pattern would look like put together.

This adorable heart shaped box will make a great gift box! 

This last box was such a challenge! I had to look up the tutorial on how to assemble this candy dispenser box. Not only is it super cute but it will make a great little gift for a candy lover. I'm definitely planning on making more of these boxes to use as little gifts!

Wouldn't you like to receive one of these, especially filled with sweet little treats?

I've been having so much fun making these paper boxes that I've already volunteered to almost everyone I know that if they need favors or are throwing a party to let me know because I have tons of adorable favor ideas. Although, they might not let me now that they'll know that they're just enabling my recent addiction. 

What's your latest crafting addiction? 

(Let's be honest, we all have one!)


  1. Sewing hexagons. I know, right? But I made a few this week for a quilt block and I'm hooked and looking for a reason to make more :)

  2. Sanding. Coupled with painting. Gets tricky when I decide to sand more AFTER I finish painting.. Oops.


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