Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not To Encourage Bad Behavior...

...Because I would never do such a thing! 
But I made the cutest thing for my niece for when she has to take a time out. 

A few weeks ago, while perusing link parties, I found this post from Literally Inspired, where she made a time out mat out of a cloth place mat. I thought this was a brilliant idea because my Dad had wanted me to make a time out stool for my two year old niece, Kirra. Kirra's Mom, however, pointed out that the part that Kirra hates the most about her time outs is that she has to stand in the corner. This idea was the perfect solution!!!

So I got a cloth place mat from the dollar store, and made a contact paper stencil with my awesome Silhouette machine. I put it onto my place mat and went to town with my fabric paint, I also added a layer of glitter paint (you know, just because). When the paint was dry, I peeled up my stencil to reveal my design. I made sure to heat set the paint with my iron. I also glued some rubber shelf liner to the bottom of the mat, so my niece wouldn't go sliding all over the place when she's supposed to be in time out.

I'm sure she'll have no problem breaking this bad boy girl in (she is two, after all). 

Kirra & Me

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Hero Healing Serum!!!

Last week one of my favorite little dudes, Garrett, fell off his bike and broke his wrist.

me and Garrett on the 4th of July

I went to visit Garrett today after he got his cast put on, but I couldn't go see him empty handed. So I made him a get well soon present. 

I created Super Hero Healing Serum!!!

I bought a bottles of raspberry lemonade and removed the label. I used my Silhouette software to design my graphic, then I cut out the design with my awesome silhouette machine and put it on the bottle.

Amazing Boyfriend rolled his eyes at me for making this, but Garrett and his Mom both loved it. Hopefully, this will help Garrett be on the mend and able to ride his bike again before the rainy weather sets in.

This project was featured!

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