Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Putting My Big Girl Panties On and Dealing With It

I found this pic one night not very long after Amazing Boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer.

At the time that I found it, this was exactly how I was feeling. 
(To be honest, I still feel this way) 

A LOT of people have commented on how well I seem to be taking the news. Trust me, it's not that I'm taking the news well, because I'm really not. It's that I need to be strong. I've had to step up, make tough decisions, hold it together and do everything I've needed to do for us. I adopted a saying not long after ABF was diagnosed with cancer, which makes me laugh or at least smile. I tell everyone that "I have to put my Big Girl panties on and deal with it." 

And out of that saying came the brilliant idea for a craft project... 

Big Girl Panties!!! 

(Awww, come on, that made you at least giggle, if not laugh out loud.)

Oh yes, I did...

Wanna see how I did it?

cotton panties
fabric paint
freezer paper
paint brushes
foam board
silhouette machine

First I created my stencil design with my silhouette software. Then I used my silhouette machine to cut it out on the freezer paper. 

I ironed the freezer paper stencil onto the back of my pair of panties, making sure I got my little pieces in the right spots so that the letters would come out alright. 

I used my foam board piece to fit inside the panties to keep the fabric paint from bleeding through. Then took my fabric paint and paint brush and went to town. 

When the paint was dry I removed my stencil and ...TADAA!!!

And while I was at it I used a few more designs to stencil onto other plain cotton panties

Now when I tell people that I'm gonna but my big girl panties on and deal with it, they might just wonder if that means literally...

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Was There!!!

I don't have any new craft projects to share with you because this last week has been a hectic one. It was a chemo week, plus Amazing Boyfriend had to have a procedure done the day before chemo, so that was two days that we spent mainly at the hospital. I also got called into work and agreed to come in, which I can't really complain about because I really do need to work. 
I also got the plague from my niece who was nice enough to share her germs with me. (It's not really the plague, just a nasty cold,) 
I also spent my Friday night in one of my favorite places in the world, 
the Rose Garden! 
My brother, David and I were there, cheering on our team, I was rockin' the Rhinestoned 3 Goggles. The whole crowd was on their feet and the Rose Garden was playoff level loud. 

It was awesome!!!
What a game!!!
On the way home David and I were talking about life, and he pointed out how when things are really crappy and hard, when we go to Blazer games and everything that's been going on melts away. On some of the hardest days of my life, I've gone to games and amazing things have happened. This past week was a pretty hard week. There were a lot of ups and downs, it was really busy, but as soon as I got into the Rose Garden it didn't matter. I was there to cheer on my favorite team and amazing things did happen. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Who says that Money Can't Buy You Friends?

Today was a wonderful day and even though I didn't really get a lot done, I did accomplish a few things, which makes me pretty happy since I have a very busy weekend planned. 

One of the things that I set out to cross off my list was butterflies for a wreath that I'm planning to make, probably in the next week. So I set off to Michael's on a mission and a 40% off coupon that expired tomorrow (!), which since I'm busy tomorrow meant that it had to be used today. 

I found my butterflies and was happy that they were only $4. 

But wait, that's not really worth using a my 40% coupon on. They were so cheap. 

That's when I started wandering. I wasn't really sure what I really needed to buy. Because of my earlier errands I already had everything else I needed to make my wreath, and the super cool secret project that I'm working on for my brother's birthday present. (Which of course I will share with you once it's been given to him so that he won't sneak on here and spoil the surprise. I'm convinced that he secretly reads this blog, he just won't tell me about it) 

And that's when I found her. 

Isn't she awesome!!! 

When I came home I was super excited, and ready to show my Amazing Boyfriend what I had purchased with my 40% off coupon.  And when I showed ABF my totally awesome purchase his response was, "Don't you already have a glue gun?"

Way to rain on my parade, dude. 

But now I have a new partner in crime who is going to help my make my wreath in no time. I'm going to have to think of a name. I'm up for suggestions.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Love in my Life...

I'm beginning to think that I have a new love in my life. 
(Sorry Amazing Boyfriend, but it's true.) I am totally in love with fabric paint!!! 

After reading other blogs talking about using fabric paint and freezer paper here, here and here, I decided that I had to totally steal the idea give it a try myself. Since I got a new Silhouette machine for Christmas (thanks, Mom and Dad), it meant that I already has the super lazy easy means to make a stencil with freezer paper. 

 Since St. Patrick's Day was approaching I wanted to make shirts for me and my ABF. 

 This is what I get when I ask ABF to take a pic when he wants a nap
This is the annoyed look I get from ABF when I want a pic

Pretty cute, right? 
(I meant the shirts not the pics) 

Wanna see how I did it? 

I made the designs for both of our shirts using my silhouette software, and cut them out on the freezer paper with my silhouette. (Sorry, didn't get pictures of that process.)

Then I took the stencils and ironed it onto each shirt. Since freezer paper has a plastic coating it will adhere to the fabric temporarily with an iron.

I put a piece of freezer paper inside the shirt to protect it from the fabric paint bleeding through. Then went to town with my fabric paint. White for the ABF's shirt and gold for mine.

After several coats of fabric paint I peeled away the stencil... tadaa!!! 

So happy with my awesome designs. 
I'm really loving my silhouette machine too (but I'll save that for another post)

After the shirts dried, I put a piece of fabric over them and ironed it to seal the paint. Whatever you do, don't iron the paint directly or it'll ruin it. Once you've sealed the paint you can wash it in the washing machine without worry that your design will come off in the wash. 

Now you should try it. It's pretty easy, I promise. And even if you don't have a fancy cutting machine you can still make a design with freezer paper and an craft knife. And when you're done you'll have an awesome shirt to rock too! (And maybe you can get a better pic then I got.)

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who Owns the Best Pair of 3 Goggles? (That would be ME!)

Wait... What? You don't know what 3 goggles are? 

They are currently a sort of victory dance that the Portland Trail Blazers use after they make a 3 point shot. Wesley Matthews, Patty Mills and Rudy Fernandez are the main culprits of this trend. 

Wesley Matthews

Patty Mills

 Rudy Fernandez
The 3 Goggles have become so popular that they put them on T-shirts. 

 (personally I'd take Nic Batum over the shirt any day, so cute!)

And they even made them into actual 3 goggles that you can buy at the Fan Shop. 

Yeah, kinda plain looking, don't cha think? 

A little creative thinking, a little glue, a few rhinestones here and there and... 


Oh, yes, I blinged up my 3 goggles. They were so boring before and I made them pretty. And I think they're lucky because the game that I wore them to we won!!!

Wanna see how I did it? 

My Mom got me a pair of the 3 goggles when she went to a game awhile back because the two times I tried to look for them they were completely sold out. (Thanks, Mom!) I already had the glue and I made a special trip to JoAnn's to find the rhinestones. 

I laid out a pattern, decided what I liked, then glued them in place. I kind of made it up as I went along. It took me about an hour, but was a nice break from all the paperwork I had to fill out.

And here is the end result. So worth the effort to have a unique piece of Blazer paraphenelia. I love being different then everyone else. 

I think even Patty would be jealous of these 3 goggles. 

P.S. Happy Birthday to me!!! 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Bye and Good Luck

Today I packed the last of my belongings into the EEP, left my keys on the counter and left Springfield behind. 

Honestly, the past couple days have felt so strange to me. It's weird to suddenly pick up everything, stop the life that you have built for yourself and move into a situation that's less than ideal. Not that I am not happy living in my new arrangement, but I'm not happy with they WHY of my new arrangement. 

Part of the unhappiness stems from stopping the life that I've built, the people that I have met and grown to love. 

It's amazing to me that in five years I've made so many connections in the Eugene/Springfield area that it actually hurts to let it all go. When I moved to Eugene, I knew two people, Matthew and Tim. But I met so many more so quickly that I soon felt at home. 

Eugene has a different vibe to it. It's much more laid back and casual. People are friendly and warm, although extremely opinionated. 

And right now I'm actually missing my Macy's girls, especially the Shoe Crew. Holly, Autumn, Sarita, Laura, Kayla, Christina and Brandi are some of the best co-workers a girl could ask for. They all have unique souls and I am blessed to know each of them, and appreciate them for the wonderful things that they've brought to my life. They have been my shoulders to cry on. They have heard me vent about life and stupid customers. They've given me some of the best hugs when I've needed them the most. They've told my hilarious stories about their kids, latest nights out and other interesting tidbits from their lives. They have been the perfect distractions when I've needed it the most. They have made my day on numerous occasions. I can't seem to say enough about them so I'll quit while I'm ahead. 

I can't forget to mention my other Macy's ladies, who also have made it a point to ask me about my day and let me know that they've been thinking about me. The lovely Lisa,  who has one of the most cheerful souls I've ever known. Marce, who became such a fast friend, and such a pleasure to know. Renee, who always wants to know how I've been doing, and checks my Facebook often (and makes amazing cupcakes!!) Laura and Shari, who always went out of their way to say hi. Amber, who has the most adorable son on the planet, who is going to also be leaving Macy's soon (and who I wish the best of luck to.) Mindy, who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders through life's recent events, and who always has a story that will make me giggle. Diana, who has dubbed Gracie and I trouble 1 & 2, and is such a lovely lady. Brandy S. who always made it a point to say hello to me. And I can't forget to mention Rachel, who is hands down the nicest, sweetest person on the planet. (I'm so not kidding, I've never met another person who is truly, genuinely as kind.)

There are many other Macy's ladies, who I probably forgot to mention, that are just as wonderful. The Eugene store was the first place that I've worked at where people were just as pleasant to their co-workers as they are to their customers. I'm going to miss everybody. 

I guess this is my way of saying good bye. And to return all the well wishes that I left the store with on Friday. I really do love you all. So good bye and good luck, my friends.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jack and Mali

Five years ago on March 1st my kitties, Jack and Mali were born. 

If you've never heard this story before, allow me to enlighten you to the story of their birth and how they have been with me since day one. 

My Mom's cat Layla got knocked up. She accidently got out before my Mom got her spayed and when she came back in it was already too late. At the time, I was living on the couch at my Mom's house. Layla liked to hang out in my brother Tommy's room, and he had even set up a little bed in there hoping that's where she would decide to have her kittens. Right around the time Layla was due to have her kittens my brother got mad at her and shut the door to his room. 

I remember the night perfectly. I stayed up way too late and had to get up early to be at work by 9. Before I went to sleep Layla was perched on the arm of the couch, watching me. I remember thinking, please don't have these kittens tonight. It would be really bad timing. 

I woke up the next morning before my alarm was set to go off. I didn't know exactly what had woken me up when I felt something squirm against the small of my back. I froze. Then carefully rolled out from underneath my blanket. Layla was working on getting out her fourth kitten, I could see it coming out. She had already had three of them and had pushed them against my back to keep them warm. She had literally had kittens right on me!!! 

Layla had 5 kittens total. Three of the kittens were manx kitties which means that they have no tails. One of the manx kitties went to live with my Mom's co-worker Kristi, Jack and Mali came to live with me when I left my Mom's house, SoCo still lives at my Mom's house and Kiki disappeared awhile back. 
Silly Mali

Jack and Mali are two of the most adorable kitties ever. They are super friendly, always wanting to be petted, scratched and loved. Yes, they have done things that piss me off (like peeing on the fouton) but we've always found a way to get along. 

Mali on the couch

Mali is the most curious and affectionate one. He loves to rub his face on everything, especially other peoples faces. When he sits he'll cross his front paws, like he's posing, but he just does it naturally and always has. 

Jack hiding in our moving boxes

Jack is my little buddy. He's a little on the shy side and loves to hide. There has been times when my boyfriend won't see him all day, but within 10 minutes of my being home from work he'll come find me, snuggling up next to me on the couch. When I've had to sleep in our bed alone I can always guarantee that Jack will be sleeping at the foot of the bed when I wake up in the morning. 

Jack hanging out on the bed

Now most of you are probably asking why the hell I'm blogging about my cats. I'm not turning into a crazy cat lady, I swear.

The reason that I'm blogging about my cats is because today I sent them with my Mom to go to their new home. Where I'm moving to already has two cats, and the boyfriend and I decided that two more people, plus our dog and two cats was too much to add to a household. This has been such a gut-wrenching decision for me. I've had Jack and Mali since they were born and I hate that I can't keep them, but I know that giving them up is the right decision. They are going to live with my Mom's co-worker Kristi, who already has their brother. They are going to a good home. 

But my heart still aches a little that I have to give my kitties away. Everyone went back to Salem tonight, leaving me behind because I have to work in the morning. The house feels really quiet without my two little furry friends hanging around, and I sit here, blogging through my tears, eating sugar cookies, hoping to soothe my achy heart just a little.
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