Monday, June 24, 2013

Bethanyism #25

Happy Monday!!!

Did everyone have a good weekend? 

I know I did! My newphew's birthday was this weekend and we had fun celebrating!

But now it's Monday and I have a new Bethanyism for you to ponder...

For those new readers, you can read this post for the explanation on what a Bethanyism is. I post a new one every Monday with the hope that they will inspire, make you think or spark some creativity, either in myself or others.

Between two evils, I always pick the one I've never tried before.  - Mae West

This weeks quote goes hand in hand with last weeks quote, which was about living life to the fullest. 

I have a tendency to be a comfort creature and can easily slip into a rut, where I'm doing the same things all the time. 

Lately, I've been forcing myself to try new things. Whether it's something simple like reading a book outside my usual genre or something bigger like going to a gathering where I only know one person. I'm trying to meet new people, experience new things and trying things I've never tried before. 

I mean, isn't that what life is all about? The experiences? 

What do you think about this weeks quote? 

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