Friday, July 1, 2011

Something Cuter Then Fireworks For The 4th of July

When I was first introduced to craft blogging, it was last September and one of the girls at work told me about this awesome website called When I finally had the time to check it out, there was a luminary post for Halloween Luminaries from Crafts by Amanda that were adorable. She also linked to a previous post where she had made 4th of July Luminaries, using pretty much the same techniques. I thought they were so awesome that I added them to my to-do list to make when it got closer to July. 
In other words, I've been waiting since SEPTEMBER to make these 4th of July Luminaries!!!

I already had the paint and glitter glue that I needed to make these. Then I was so excited when I went to Goodwill and found the jars for .30 cents a jar!!! So $1.20 for all four jars!!! 

I love when projects turn out awesome and are cheap!!! 



  1. I love these, what a fun idea for the holiday! You did a fantastic job! Aren't the possibilities endless with Mason jars??

  2. OH MY WORD, those are SO cute! I love the way the candle light shows through them, what a great holiday project!

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog, I am google friend following you now, lovely crafts you have, Karima x

  4. Those are so cute! I might have to make some for Halloween.


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