Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alright Mother Nature, I Get It!

Dear Mother Nature, 

I will be the first to say, well played. Being that spring equinox was yesterday, this was hardly the scene I expected to wake up to this morning. 

What a joke you must have thought you were playing on us unsuspecting Oregonians living in the Willamette Valley! I was just noting yesterday the wonderful bright colors of the daffodils and how pretty the cherry trees are in bloom. Than today, they are all covered in the most respectable layer of snow that I've seen this year. 

I would ask one little favor though, since I know that you like to play such practical jokes with our lovely Oregon weather. On September 8th, when I'm getting married, can you just decide to go fishing and let mr. sunshine take over for a day or two? 

With great love and respect, 


  1. Aww you'll need just a little rain on Sept. 8 though - I hear it's good luck!

    And gross @ the snow. Does NOT make me eager to transfer in July back up that way.

  2. I had a call from my kids, east of Eugene... 6 inches of snow, trees down, not able to get to work... and NO POWER!!!
    at least you know it wont stick around long!

  3. We haven't gotten ANY snow this year, so I'm very jealous of your snowfall. Sorry, I know you're ready for spring :)


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