Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet My Newest Frenemy...

For Christmas last year, my parents bought me a Yudu screen print machine. (Yes, I know, I'm spoiled, moving on...) 

Thinking that I'm the awesome crafter that I am, I've attempted a few different screen print projects with my machine, which I renamed Yoda. 

Most projects have ended in disaster...

ruined fabric...


maybe even (I'll admit it) tears a time or two... 

The latest victim of Yoda's wrath was my cousin's wedding gift, which ended up in the garbage. Guess I'm off to buy her a gift card in the morning. 

What was your latest crafting fail/ setback? 


  1. Shelled out on a plastic starfish toy (sounds cheap? You'd be amazed!) to turn into bright white beachy decor.
    Bugger doesn't like spray paint.
    5 days in and it's still not dry, I am NOT happy >.<
    It doesn't really seem like a big fail, but a whole mantle decor was supposed to fit around this gawddamn starfish, and now it's sticky, ugly and ruined. Due to a blog event I'll need it ready for Monday, and there's not enough time to start over... dang 5- armed pest!

  2. I bought myself one of these contraptions and haven't done anything with it except take it out of the box. That was two years ago! You haven't left me with much hope, i'm afraid. :-)


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