Saturday, November 26, 2011

A House Divided

Warning: If you're not a college football fan, you probably won't be all that interested in the post, although you can scroll through the pretty pictures. 

Amazing Boyfriend and I are like peas in a pod most of the time. We like a lot of the same movies, music, have a lot of similar ideas in politics and religion. But there are some things that we just don't see eye to eye on. He hates most holidays, especially Christmas, while I love them. He is just not that into sports, while I'm an avid college football and basketball fan. 
He is an Oregon State Beaver fan and I'm a University of Oregon Duck fan. 

Somehow, I love him anyway. 
So awhile back I was discussing with him my ideas for the gift I'm making for my partner for Craftaholics Anonymous' Winter Handmade Gift exchange and he randomly gave me a crafty idea. (I LOVE when he gives me crafty ideas!) 

Civil War pillows!!!

Seriously, this is upcycling at it's finest. I already had the I Love My Ducks t-shirt, although it had mainly become a night shirt that had definitely seen better days. The Beaver shirt I reluctantly bought at Goodwill because I didn't know any Beaver fans that would actually give me a t-shirt. 

ABF's original idea was for me to make a pillow with the Beavers on one side and the Ducks on the other, but why do that when I can upcycle some old T-shirts into pillow covers that I can put on pillows I already have? 

Besides, I really must love him to actually sew him a Beaver pillow. Maybe he should just be happy with that, since it might be all he has to console himself after the Ducks beat the Beavers in this year's Civil War game. 

But there's always next year!


  1. We are definitely Duck fans here! Fun pillows!

  2. Always looking for a way to recycle old t shirts!! Super cute!!

  3. Love it! I grew up in Oregon, mostly Eugene and went to the U of O. However, I grew up a Beaver fan and my dad is a huge fan with season tickets each year. I know, I'm kind of weird. My husband is a huge Duck fan, so we too are a house divided. We're in TX now and so I support both teams wholeheartedly, partially because people down here think only 2 teams exist - Oklahoma and Texas. Thanks for a little slice of home!

  4. Your t-shirt pillows are awesome! I'm glad you made 2 separate ones. How fun they look side by side :) I love that idea and have so many college t-shirts from my kids that I was wondering about making pillows out of them.
    My husband and I are college rivals - University of NC vs NC State. He tried to raise my kids as UNC fans but, they went to NC State! We have a lot of fun around here about that.


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