Saturday, December 1, 2012

Okay Santa, Let's Try This Again...

Dear Santa, 

Last year I wrote you a very nice letter with a few simple requests, but I felt a little cheated since I didn't get anything on my list (not even a new iron, come on, Santa!). 

I feel like this year I've also been very good and have a few simple requests. 
1. A Cure for Cancer - I know it's too late for Matthew, but this really is a horrible disease that I wouldn't wish upon anyone. I know I asked for this last year, but I'll probably ask for this every year until a cure is found.

2. Comfort - My entire family has really been through the ringer this year. This holiday season isn't going to be easy, especially when we think about who is missing from all the festivities. I hope that my family can find comfort in memories and in each other. 

3. Love - Because love is such a powerful thing, it can comfort, it can transform, and it can heal. There can't seem to be enough love in the world.

Love, Bethany

  P.S. If you really aren't able to bring me any of the things on my list, I still need a new iron.


  1. I love your Christmas wish list.

  2. I hope you get everything on your list. And an iron.


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