Friday, January 4, 2013

Belated Birthday In A Box

This post is about two weeks late... but better late then never! 

*Note: I'm not the worst Aunt in the world, the kiddos did get their present on their actual birthday, I just didn't get around to posting this until now.

For my twin nieces' 11th birthday, I decided to give them a birthday in a box. I found the idea on Pinterest (of course) earlier this year, and knew they would get a kick out of it.  

What might you ask is a birthday in a box? 

Basically it's a large box filled with balloons that have candy, money and/or other small treats inside each balloon. The birthday girl (or boy) has to pop all the balloons to get all the goodies inside. 

balloon pump
anything small that will fit
confetti (optional)

I put the goodies, candy and money into the balloons before I filled them up. I thought about putting confetti or glitter inside also, but decided that I didn't want my sister to kill me, so I opted not to. 

Once I had all the goodies in the balloons I blew them up using a pump, then tied them off and put them in the box. 

Once I had the box filled up, I wrapped each one up and was done. 

I wasn't sure what my nieces were going to think about my gift. I was either going to be the meanest Aunt in the world or the coolest. 

Apparently, I'm the coolest Aunt!

It was really fun to see their faces when I brought in these two big boxes for them, and it was even more fun to watch them pop all the balloons to see what was inside. 

This is definitely an idea I'm going to have to use again! 

What creative ideas do you use/have you used for a birthday gift?

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  1. I LOVE this idea!!! I'm totally thinking of who I can give a box of balloons to now lol! x


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