Saturday, June 11, 2011

Warning: Rant Post As Follows

Yup, this is a good old-fashioned rant post... you have been warned. 

I have a standing agreement with several of my close friends that if they buy the materials for a crafty project within my realm of crafting abilities, that I'll make it. I put it down as a project on my to-do list and write down a date by which this project HAS to be done. In other words, I schedule these projects in. I might be a procrastinator but I work really well if I have a deadline I have to meet. 

I have a friend who has been going through a rough time lately. She's pregnant and decided that the baby's father isn't going to be in their life. She asked me to make something to give to her Dad for Father's Day. She's really close to both of her parents and I understand that she really wants to give a meaningful gift to her Dad. She bought the supplies that I needed to make what she wanted. 

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to meet up so that she can get these supplies to me. I was trying today to figure out a way so that we could meet up, and she accused me of being too busy to make what she wanted me to make and that she would just buy something else and give it to him. I tried telling her that I could still make what she wanted, and that it would actually not take me very long at all. Of course, she wasn't interested in listening because I am too busy for her right now.

I know that I'm a busy person, but Father's Day is still a week away. Right now quite a few of my projects have been put on hold because I'm waiting for a part for my sewing machine to arrive so I have plenty of time for other projects that don't require sewing.

I guess my feelings are a little hurt because I'm getting the impression that she thinks I'm a bad friend. I know she's going through a lot of crap and I would love to be able to drop everything and be there for her whenever she needs me. 

But I have a lot of crap going on too. Taking care Amazing Boyfriend is my # 1 priority. This next weekend is also the local Relay for Life race, which I'm helping out at a knit-a-thon booth that my Mom is organizing. I have a job that I have to work around. I also have a ton of other projects that I'm working on for various other events coming up.

I like to think that I'm a good friend. I try to be there when my friends need me, because so many of them have been there for me when I've needed them. 

Maybe I'm just frustrated. Maybe I'm taking things way out of context or blowing things out of proportion. 
This is just how I feel...

End Rant


  1. Bethany you are a great friend and a amazing person with everything that you have going on. I'm sure with all the pregnancy hormones and things she's going with things just got taken out of context. I'm sorry that you feel that way :( Hopefully things get better!

  2. Attempt 3: commenting off phone-Not recommended.

    The mere level of your concern shows what a great friend you are.i see my best friends maybe once a year (no joke).yet it's the same when we get if I'm not a bad friend, no way you are!! I hear pregnant ladies get crazy lol, I'm sure she'll come around.

    Ps. Looove that quote!

  3. Sounds like she may be taking out some life stress on the wrong person. I know it sucks to be made to feel like you're doing something wrong or that you're not as available as they think you should be when you actually are so that's gotta be frustrating but I wouldn't take it to heart too much. You're a great friend - coming from somebody who knows first hand :)


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