Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey You ... Yeah, You!!!

If you're reading this I would like to thank you for not abandoning me... 

I realized today that my postings have been a little light for the month of September. Which kinda makes me feel like a slacker. The strange part is that I've been really busy working on projects, but I'm not able to share them with you guys because either they are a gift for someone that snoops my blog, so I'm not able to post them just yet, or they've been the result of a set back for one reason or another (aka haven't had the time/money/resources/energy to complete.) But enough with the excuses... 

I'm going to make it up to all of you!

I might have mentioned that Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays, so I'm hosting a Halloween link party! 

 So if you've been working on any Halloween ideas, or already have your house decked out for Halloween, I'd like you to come and share your awesomeness with the rest of us!  Link up anything Halloween related - decorations, wreaths, costumes, tricks and treats!
This party will start at midnight October 1st be open until midnight October 31st. 

So I'm hoping that if you're still reading this that you'll come and link up, starting this weekend. I'd hate to be the only one that comes to my own party!


  1. I'll link up as soon as I get something! Even if it's just us it'll be awesome because hey - a party with 2 Bethanys. How often is THAT gonna happen? :p


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