Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

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I don't think any American will forget where they were when the heard about the attacks of September 11th, 2001. 

 I remember when I was growing up hearing adults talk about where they were when Kennedy was assassinated or where they watched the first Moon Walk. It seemed to surreal to me, that these huge historical moments that I merely read about in history books, that people I knew were there, they experienced the same things that the rest of the country was experiencing. 

I never understood until that day, ten years ago.

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The September 11th attacks had such a huge ripple effect across the country. Every life that was lost, was mourned. Every brave police officer, firemen and rescue worker that responded, was cheered and seen as national heroes. Every survivor of the attacks that were pulled from the rubble was seen as a symbol of hope and strength. 

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 The country became more unified then I ever remember. Flags flew with pride & worn with pride, adorning houses and vehicles everywhere you looked. Men and women swarmed to recruiting offices to serve our country. Our already enlisted soldiers were more resolved in their decision to serve. People donated blood, money, equipment, medical supplies. Everyone just wanted to help, to contribute, to feel like there was something that they could do instead of feeling helpless.

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Sadly, ten years later that attitude seems to have wavered. The economy is awful, the sentiment towards the wars we're waging is souring, the faith in our government is fading. 

I feel like we are forgetting.  

We're forgetting the sacrifices that all the people that perished in the attacks and their families have made. We're forgetting about our heroes that emerged in the days after the September 11th attacks. We're forgetting to honor the men and women that have died in the last ten years of war. We're forgetting to recognizing the sacrifices that our current military members and their families endure to protect the freedom we enjoy. We're forgetting how great this country can be. 

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I think that on the 10th anniversary, that "We Remember", not only the lives that were sacrificed and lost in the terrible attacks, but that we remember what a great country we have and what it is to be Proud Americans. Because that is something I truly will "Never Forget". 

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