Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spontaneous Seattle Adventure!!!

Last Wednesday was pretty routine for me. I woke up, checked some things on the computer, and just went through my normal waking up routine. My plans for my day was hopefully to get a haircut from my sister and to have dinner at my parents' house, which I do every Wednesday if I'm not working. 

What I didn't expect to do was to decide at one o'clock in the afternoon to pack my bag and at 3 be on the road to Seattle to see Dan, who was one of Matthew's best friends, one of my biggest supporters through losing Matthew and my favorite hugger.

Yes, I drove over 200 miles for a hug! 

Meet Dan

When I arrived Wednesday night, Dan greeted me with a giant hug and Cuban sandwiches that he'd gotten from his favorite place in town. This tripped off an interesting conversation about all the different foods that I've never tried, which became almost the theme of the entire trip. 

My Seattle firsts include: 
authentic Cuban sandwiches, brownies baked in a jar, fried plantains, real mojitos with mint, the view of Seattle from Kerry Park, my first glimpse of the Troll sculpture, sandwiches from Trinity Deli, visiting Chittenden Locks and watching Salmon go up the fish ladder, the Gum Wall @ Pike Place Market, eating pain au chocolat & mochas while people watching at a french bakery, SUSHI (!!!), taking pictures of the "Center of the Universe" & the Rocket in Fremont, visiting Gasworks park and watching the Seaplanes taking off & landing, tasting my first Red Mill buger & onion rings (seriously, I'm forever ruined.), and drinking sidecars in a Speakeasy. 

I think what was so much fun about this trip, besides spending time with Dan and our other friend Rose, was that I got to see and taste a lot of the city, but I really got to see Dan's version of Seattle as a local. He knew all the great places to eat, how to get around town and took us to his favorite places. He's also into photography, so he showed me a thing or two, which was really fun. 

Yup, I took lots of pictures. Are ya ready for them? 

leaving Oregon headed to Seattle!!!
smiley face mochas should be the way everyone starts their day
Lunch @ Shilshole Marina
Gum Wall @ Pike Place Market
The Gum Wall @ Pike Place Market
The Gum Wall @ Pike Place Market
fish throwers

Dan's not too sure about the newest addition to the waterfront yet

Dan offered to take my picture
after several photos where he really was just playing my camera this is the face he got
self shot!!!
Hammering Man outside the Seattle Art Museum
Ferry with the Olympic Mountains in the background
Dan took this picture from the waterfront
The Rocket @ Fremont
Center of the Universe @ Fremont
Conveyer belt sushi!
looking down Troll Ave

Gasworks Park
Seaplane coming in to land

Overloaded yet? 

I had so much fun I really didn't want to leave! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. At least there was someone who was really happy to have me home. 

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