Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I LOVE the dollar bins at Michaels...

I LOVE the dollar bins at Michael's and am very sad that they've not gotten rid of them at my local store. Now they have the 2 items for $3, which just isn't the same. 

I've actually had all the supplies to make this project for awhile but after Amazing Boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer most things in my life got put on hold and my craft supplies got packed up to be moved. Now that we're moved and settled in, I've been trying to get projects done that I already have all the materials for.

I was so excited when I was shopping in January at Michael's to come across these monogram hooks in the dollar bins. I thought they would be the cutest little project to make for my nieces (since I'm the super cool crafty aunt that I am.)  I dug through the bin and grabbed a G, R, T, K, (for Gabby, Rylee, Tylar, and Kirra) and taking a chance on the yet to be determined little one we're expecting in June, I grabbed a J. I was so happy later to find out that I guessed right on the sex of the baby and had grabbed a J for my future nephew, Jackson. 

 I started this project by deciding what scrapbook paper from my stash I was going to use for each letter. Then I painted the sides of each letter a coordinating color.

Once the paint dried, I started the decoupage process. I traced each letter onto the back of the scrapbook page and cut it out before modge podging it to the hook. I made sure I went over the surface to push out any air bubbles before adding a coat of modge podge to seal the paper to the hook. 

I'm so happy with the way these turned out. 

I love that this project didn't cost me very much, plus I was able to use a bunch of my crafting materials I already had on hand. Hopefully, my nieces and nephew like them and even if they don't, I think they're adorable.

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