Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Creativity Must Be Rubbing Off...

Amazing Boyfriend lately has been my best sounding board for my projects. He has suggestions for how I should go about doing some thing. He won't hold back his opinion when he's not a fan of a project. He's even helped out with several of my projects, which I'm always happy for his help. 

When he was diagnosed with cancer ABF stopped working, since it was just too hard to keep working with all the medication that he's been prescribed. And since he stopped working he's been trying to find ways to occupy his time. He's bought several new computer games (and beaten them all), he bought everything he would need to build model cars including 3 model car kits (and barely got started before he lost interest), started a Netflix account and spends a good deal of time streaming TV shows (which means that I've seen almost every episode of Survivor Man) and we play a LOT of board games (except he will no longer play Monopoly with me, because I always win). 

Then he came up with his own creative project. 

Bamboo Planters

I asked him if I could help, since it seemed like such a cool idea. He wanted to do it all on his own so the most help I actually had in this process was driving him to the Craft Warehouse to get all the supplies and giving him my opinion on the colors that he chose. He did agree that I could take pictures and let everybody know that I'm not the only crafty person in this house. 

Of course, I'll agree with that statement.

Didn't they turn out awesome? Now we have a little bamboo garden on our window sill. Amazing Boyfriend also has another creative project in the works and he might let me share pictures of it when he's done. I'm kind of excited about it, but I won't give anything away.

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