Monday, April 11, 2011


I have a confession to make.

When it comes to crafty endeavors, I have a lot of luck. I figure out how things are made, figure out how I want to do it, and go to town. I do my research before tackling a project, especially if it's something I've never done before. I take into account tutorials and tips that I've seen others use and everything generally turns out really well.
So when I decided to use chalkboard paint on something, I thought that I'd get finished with the project and everyone could bask in my awesomeness and I'd be super happy. 

But when it was dry and I tried using chalk on the surface, something terrible happened. 
It scraped off!!! 

Amazing Boyfriend thinks that it happened because I didn't prep my surface properly before I painted, and he's probably right. So now the plan is to sand it down and start again. 
I hate failing, especially epically, but on the positive side, I did learn something. And I know what I did wrong so I won't make the same mistake a second time. 

I will finish this project and it will be awesome. 
I promise.


  1. love the fact you post your "blooopers" too! Thank you for helping us all remember we're human! :) I have a new post JUST for YOU!

  2. The first pancake is always bad. Either the pan is to hot or to cold or not buttered enough.. it's impossible to account for all the variables. Don't let a bad pancake get you down. It's still just breakfast :-)


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