Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Because I'm a Total Copy Cat...

I saw these mod podged candle holders on My Girlish Whims and knew I HAD to make them.

via My Girlish Whims
Aren't they freakin' adorable? 

Rebecca did such a great job making them and writing a great tutorial. Just click the link under the picture to check it out. 
But, being me, of course I had to tweak things a little bit.

I chose to use a butterfly punch, since I love butterflies so much. I found adorable candle holders in the candle display aisle of Michael's for $1 each, because I'm kinda cheap thrifty like that. 

Didn't they turn out awesome? 

I almost like mine better (I said almost, Rebecca) and I think they'll make an awesome prize for the baby shower games at the baby shower I'm hosting with my Mom this weekend.


  1. very nice there. and imitation is the best form of flattery ;-)
    Love the butterflies

  2. hahaha. you are allowed to like yours more! it's ok, promise :) Those would be awesome as baby shower prizes!! such a good idea. you are so smart.


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