Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghouls' Night!!!

I love being an Aunt! 

Do you want to know what the best part about being an Aunt is? 
I get to be the fun one! I get to play with them, laugh with them, load them with on sugar and send them home. 

I had a few projects in mind that I knew a few of my nieces' would have fun with so I decided to have a Ghouls' Night - hahaha get it! 

My "Ghouls", Kirra, Tylar and Rylee

We started off our "ghouls" night with the older girls' homework first, because I may be the fun Aunt but I still have to make sure they get their homework done. That's ok, because it gave me time to set up our first activity. 

I LOVED these frames that Courtney from A Diamond in the Stuff made. So I bought TONS of googly eyes from the dollar store because I wanted to make one. But I wasn't about to stifle my nieces' creativity, so I just let them go to town. They had paint, glitter, glitter glue, ribbon, Halloween foam stickers, tons of googly eyes and chipboard letters to paint and decorate their frames however they wanted. We painted away, and took a dinner break to let the paint dry before decorating the frames. The girls had a blast!

Kirra and Rylee painting away

Tylar making her frame pretty

Kirra got just as much paint on herself as her frame, good thing for old clothes

Look at all those crafty supplies!

Kirra, Tylar and Rylee showing off their beautiful creations!

Just had to show off my handiwork, although I did have lots of helpers to glue the eyes on

I served my "ghouls" pizza and special "jack-o-lantern" soda that I may or may not have doctored up a little bit (with a sharpie.) I got the idea from Pinterest here, but changed it because soda in plastic bottles was cheaper and it already had a green cap, which made it perfect! My nieces thought it was the coolest thing ever!!!

After we had several beautiful frames finished, I recruited the two older girls for some slave labor making me some really cute treats to hand out at my house on Halloween. I might have bribed them a little with buckets full of candy...

I showed them how to decorate suckers with pieces of black garbage bags and pipe cleaners to make sucker spiders. I found the idea via Pinterest here. It didn't take long until all the suckers were decorated. 

Tylar and Kirra making spider suckers

Rylee working on a spider sucker

One of the older girls took one of the sucker spiders and scared the youngest with it, but it quickly turned into a game with LOTS of shrieking and giggling. 

Kirra watches Rylee's spider sucker cautiously

Kirra attacking me with a spider sucker

Unfortunately, our fun had to come to an end (the older girls had school the next day and an early bed time) but I think our "ghouls" night was a big success! I love that we all got to have so much fun and made so many great memories. I already know what picture is going in my googly eye frame. 

I'll definitely be planning another kiddo crafting night in the future!


  1. How fun! I can't wait until my niece is old enough for this.

  2. Aw, how sweet and fun! I want to be your niece :)
    I had to look away at the spider sucker photo. After my experience last night it was just too much, lol.

  3. You are such a fun aunt! Look at all the things you planned--so cute! I bet they loved it! Great pictures!

  4. Fabulous! Being an aunt is the greatest. Eat it up while you can... they do grow up FAST! What a great night =)

  5. Bethany - I loved seeing your nieces and the smiles they have on their faces. They look like they are having the time of their life! Priceless.


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