Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Mom, ...

The following message was left on my Mom's facebook last night:
Dear Mom,
the Viking and I had a long conversation while it was helping me out with my pillows and we've decided that the Viking should come live at my house... forever. You and the Viking have had some good times, but you kept it locked away in the sewing cabinet too long. We both hope you understand. 
Love, Bethany and the Viking 
 This morning I received her response: 
"Are you saying you are holding it ransom?, or just kidnapped it? Your grandparents gave it to me...and I'm pretty sure they would be thrilled that you are getting along so well."
I am officially giving up on getting my grandmother's Singer running. I probably need to take it in for repairs which I have no money to do. And I really love my Mom's sewing machine. Me and the Viking have really bonded the past couple weeks over various projects. Besides, my Mom wasn't really using it anyway. 
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


  1. :D And to think, you've been afraid to use the sewing machine! ;) It's amazing what you get when you ask for it. :)

    good job!


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